You can reserve a seat in two ways:

  1. Via phone at +421 905 633 851, or
  2. By filling out the below form

You can send a reservation application at any time. Reservations are anyhow only possible for arrivals until 9:30 PM to ensure sufficient comfort to all guests. Reservations with a later time of arrival are only possible upon special phone agreement for larger groups.

Seats can be booked exclusively under the condition of a minimum tab of EUR 10 per person, which will be charged by our staff on arrival. This amount shall be credited to the guests and can be used by them for orders any time during the evening until closing hour.

If you require a special preparation for your decoration, it can be agreed before 8 PM. Our team will be available for your needs so that together we can prepare an unforgettable atmosphere!

We are looking forward to you

WT Team

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Monday: 20.00 - 01.00
Tuesday: 20.00 - 01.00
Wednesday: 20.00 - 01.00
Thursday: 20.00 - 04.00
Friday: 20.00 - 04.00
Saturday: 20.00 - 04.00
Sunday: Closed

Wild Thing, karaoke bar is operated by:

Phone: +421 905 633 851