wild thing you make my heart sing
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Everyone can enjoy karaoke.

“Wild Thing” is a joint focused on karaoke and live music which was established in 2013 to provide great fun for everyone! It is located in the newly reconstructed venue in the centre of Bratislava at Zelená 8 and is a unique and different place to spend your evening with friends, family or colleagues.

An evening to enjoy.

Other than typical bars, we offer you interactive entertainment for your free time at either gigs of well-known bands and musicians, or by means of professional equipment and a karaoke set enabling you to try to be just like your favourite musician in a song of your own choice. The “Simply Touch” device, which is top notch karaoke equipment, enables you to choose either a version with the original singing as an undertone, or the exclusively instrumental karaoke version for the more experienced.

We are proud to present you with a cutting edge touchscreen karaoke equipment loaded with a wide range of Slovak, Czech and international songs. The device is very user friendly. “Simply Touch” enables the user to simply select from our range of more than 100,000 tracks, which we are always extending by the newest hits from all around the globe.

Your party, your fun.

The system is interconnected with four 81 cm plasma monitors and one 152 cm plasma monitor facing the stage so that everyone can see the lyrics and track lists from anywhere in the bar. Our wireless microphones allow you to freely sing and dance among your friends.

Karaoke has become very popular all over the world for people of all ages. Our idea is to introduce the American karaoke style to other cultures all around the world and thus create a unique and unforgettable experience and a one of a kind karaoke. Our bar provides good fun with a stage and singing space open for everyone ready to sing, as well as for visitors, who just want to take a seat and enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

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„Tonight is the night.“

Nice and friendly waiters, good drinks and an environment which will leave you with an unforgettable experience is what you can expect. Within regular events, many bands and musicians will perform, who certainly make your time well spent. Visit us, enjoy good drinks and sing all your favourite songs! Our bar offers a nice atmosphere, friendly bartenders and good live music.

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